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I am a Liberian and resides in Monrovia, I am a Junior student at the United Methodist

I am a Liberian and resides in Monrovia, I am a Junior student at the United Methodist University reading economics. I have lost my father and i have dropped out of school. I will appreciate any assistance just to complete my semester education.
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Hello boadi azunde from Ghana.i was born with both pams and feet sweat

Hello boadi azunde from Ghana.i was born with both pams and feet sweat profusely.i had an accident and lost my left eye.i hv to do cometic surgery on it.everyone has abandoned me and I sleep on the street.i feel suicidal.pls can someone on the name of God help me.i feel pain in my affected eye n can't sleep at all.
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employment, hardship: Not quite sure how this whole deal works here? Do I ask for help if I need it right on

Not quite sure how this whole deal works here? Do I ask for help if I need it right on this post? Well here it goes~
Hello Everyone. I am in financial turmoil @ the moment. My husband of 13 yrs just walked out on me and my son. I live in a very small town so word travels fast and of course the whole town will know in 2 days and be talking I am sure. To make a long story short and sweet. I need asst. I have a huge power bill, last month's and now this month's rent was due, my teeth are falling out of my head, and I am looking for work. I am a Mama to a sweet nine year old boy who loves to skateboard. I live every moment for this guy. He is my everything and my strength when times are tough like now. I am looking for work. I have several certificates of completion for Legal Sec-Medical Office Coordinator. Problem is I live in a wee little farming town with no work. What to do? I would love a virtual assistant job if anyone out here needs a personal asst? I am very computer savvy and smart. i love to work and know I am doing my best for my boy. Right now, I am not doing my best. All I am asking is that if you think you can use me for work or you think you can help me out in some manner, please CONTACT me ASAP!!!! I really want to say much appreciation ahead of time for any and all of you who even take the time to read my pathetic post.
Many Good things to Come Your Way! I believe in Karma. It is the way of the world. If you help me, I KNOW KARMA will come back to greet you as she always does. Thanks Again~
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About Scorpion62


                   FOR A COLLEGE EDUCATION

       I am a 46 year old female going back to school to work toward my law degree.  I have worked in lawfirms off and on for over 20 years. I also owned my own business for seven years.  I am rebuilding my life after a sad divorce that nearly destroyed me emotionally, mentally, physically and financially.  I can now breath again, striving to get where I have always wanted to be.

I am currently enrolled full-time at a two year college at Eastern Oklahoma State College, carrying 18 semester hours. I received a $50.00 scholarship and I have a friend that is helping me this semester but I am in need of more financial help to continue on with my quest.  My vehicle is 19 years old with 270,000 miles and I am in need of a newer vehicle with good gas mileage.  I drive a lot every day back and forth to school.  I borrow a computer and need one of my own and I am in need of financial assistance with tuition, computer expenses, living expenses, gas, etc.

I am trying very hard to make my dream come true.  My dream is to be a criminal defense trial attorney and a personal injury attorney.  I would then like to give back to society by taking elderly cases pro-bono. 

There is nothing to hold me back now but finances and this is why I am asking for help.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time.

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Comment: thank you for this aidpage....

Note: This aidpage was started as a comment on "Desperately Seeking any help For My Family due to Health Problems (We need more pledges!)"

thank you for this aidpage. It really is nice to know that people DO care about others. God's blessings to all of you in you search to find aid or give aid. I am also seeking help with bills due to my hsuband's illnesses and lack of work for both of us. Please contact me if you can help us in any way. tracy email and paypal email
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I HAD  NO IDEA ABOUT THIS SO I TOOK OUT A MORTGAGE ON MY HOME FOR  $50.000 SEVERAL MONTHS AGO.         I HAD A LOT OF WORK THAT NEEDED DONE ON MY HOME AND YARD, AND MY RATE WAS "UNDER 4%" .            NOW THE RATE IS  6.75% AND I AM A SENIOR  ON LIMITED INCOME .       WHILE IT MAY BE DIFFICULT TO MAKE THESE NEW PAYMENTS; I AM STILL ON TIME EVERY MONTH.        I WOULD BE MOST GRATEFUL IF I WAS ABLE  TO GET A GRANT FROM THE GOVERNMENT OR A FOUNDATION TO REPAY THIS MORTGAGE IN FULL, AS IT SEEMS THAT I AM HAVING ALL THESE EXTRA EXPENSES LATELY.      EVEN IF I WERE ABLE TO OBTAIN AN "INTEREST   FREE LOAN" IT WOULD BE OF GREAT HELP TO ME .     I HAVE OWNED AND OCCUPIED MY HOME FOR 40 YEARS , SO I AM WELL ESTABLISHED HERE .